Gebruikt u iOS 7? De Exact Synergy App is er klaar voor!

Apple’s iOS7 is available to the world since 19 September 2013. I have been working with iOS7 now for a while and I am quite satisfied with it. Everything is in the same place, but the user experience is completely different from iOS6. iOS6 now feels very outdated, which of course it is.

For the Exact Synergy App, iOS7 means that we needed to do some slight modifications and adjust to the guidelines of Apple. We have updated our iOS Exact Synergy App to have it run perfectly on iOS7. This version of the App is available in the Appstore right now.

We did not make any modification to the look and feel of the App itself. Our Mobile development team is fully focused on completing the last phase of the new CRM App. This is a completely new App which will be the first in line of a new stack of Apps. This stack of Apps will be the successor of our current iOS App.

Bron: Exact Product Blog