Exact CRM App: Insight in account revenue, outstanding amounts and everything else you need

A new version of the CRM App is available in the Appstore. This new version (2.0) comes with a couple of new features and fixes, but one really stands out!

With this new version of the CRM App, you’ll have all information available to support you in your daily job and to close that deal. So, what did we do? We added the option to add reports to your home menu and account cards.

Customer reports

What information do you want to check before you contact your account?

  • Revenue YTD compared to last year? Do you want to see it at assortment level or per item?
  • Or are you interested in the products he did not buy this year?
  • Or you simply want to see the pricelist for this customer?

It’s up to you!


And what matters to you? What information is critical for you to make your target and have your sales processes run smoothly?

  • Do you want to have an overview of your won deals compared to your target?
  • A graphical overview of your sales pipeline?
  • One overview with killing sheets of your competitors?
  • …………….

It’s up to you!

How to make it available on your CRM App

All the information is there and can be presented in any way you want via SSRS reports. With SSRS reports you can collect all information from your Exact or any other system and present them in a user-friendly way.

Ones the report is made available by the administrator, the user can select which reports he wants to use. This is done in Synergy (web application). Go to the user preferences where you will find a new tab called ‘Mobile’. Here you can define the reports you want to see in the main menu and at the account card. Note that you can also copy over the reports from one of your colleagues.

This function is available as of the latest version of Synergy product update 252. If this function is not available to you, you need to update your Synergy environment first.

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Product update 252 en 407 in Controlled Release

Vanaf deze week zijn Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 252 en Exact Globe Next product update 407 in Controlled Release. Dit betekent dat klanten die deelnemen aan de Controlled Release fase vanaf nu kunnen beschikken over de nieuwe product update. In deze product update zijn verschillende nieuwe mogelijkheden toegevoegd en diverse verbeteringen doorgevoerd.

Exact Synergy Enterprise
Hieronder ziet u een aantal verbeteringen die vanaf product update 252 beschikbaar zijn:

  • Nieuwe functies voor de PSA oplossing
  • Multi browser ondersteuning
  • Verbeteringen in de B2B E-Commerce portal
  • Nieuwe functies voor de Service Management oplossing
  • CRM app (voor iPhone en iPad)

Meer informatie
Voor meer informatie over product update 252 kunt u de release notes raadplegen in document 25.326.372 op onze customer portal raadplegen. Meer informatie over het Controlled Release traject kunt u vinden in dit document.

Exact Globe Next
Vanaf product updates 407 is het opschonen van de MRP verbeterd, zijn er nieuwe functies toegevoegd in de WMS oplossing en worden KANBAN orders ondersteund.

Meer informatie
Voor meer informatie over product update 407 kunt u de release notes in document 25.306.294 op onze customer portal raadplegen. Meer informatie over het Controlled Release traject kunt u vinden in dit document.

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